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Coming this autumn to my garden. Probably the biggest Cotoneaster i ever saw. Thank you, Will!

Workshop with Will Baddeley (UK)

Na het succes van vorig jaar organiseert Yama Bonsai Studio weer een workshop dood hout met Will Baddeley in Novemeber 2015.Voor meer info: yannick.kiggen@gmail.com of 0032(0)499345498

Bonsai Europa 2015

Demonstrating together with Will Baddeley on a great taxus.Come and see us @ Bonsai Europa 2015 https://bonsaieuropa.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/announcing-yannick-kiggen-an-amazing-artist-from-belgium-to-demo/ Now available!!!Yama Bonsai Studio V-neck shape t...
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