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A Goyomatsu with a inhabitant.

by | jan 25, 2013 | Yama Bonsai | 0 comments

Here is another Goyomatsu i could style.
As you can see the tree needed some heavy bending in the first 3 branches , the branches needed to go more down to create a more natural and old looking tree.

How did i bend it?
Because it wasnt easy to use the jack at this position , i used a towel to protect the bark and put a iron barn on it , attached the branch and the iron with wire and bend the branches down.
After i thought i was on max that i could do , Fukita-san said they had to go much lower and if a small crack would appear between branch and trunk it wouldnt damage the health to much.

So i did.


After the bending i wired the tree and look what i found , the trees inhabitant a little frog.
It stayed there untill i had to wire the head of the tree and got scared , jumped and gone he or she was.

When i was finished the tree looked like this…

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