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2 week trip to Japan at Shunka-en Part2

2 week trip to Japan at Shunka-en Part2
dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Beautiful pine in the middle of Kobayashi’s private collection

A beautiful hollow ume.


One of Oyakata’s famous Junipers

This is a fieldgrown Black pine.

The thing is Yamadori material has the hardest wood (deadwood)

And material grown in pot have harder wood than fieldgrown.

Fukita-san worked on this tree and told about that the flow of this tree is to the right.

He also likes the good thickness of the first right branch.

Not the best material , not so old bark , a major wound.

Cause they grow slower.

So in future he will reduce or remove the first left branch and grown the first right branch a little more and get a little more thickness to follow the flow of the tree.

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