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Bending a Sylvestris

Bending a Sylvestris
maandag 10 oktober 2011

This is a Sylvestris i have for some years now.

Here was it after a workshop with Pius notter in 2008 i think.

I wasn’t really happy with the result so last year in september.

Attached a screw in the deadwood for a guywire.

In the beginning of september i removed the raffia and some wires.

The scar in the back caused by the bending heales perfectly.

Here are some possible positions for the tree.

So Mario Komsta and I decided to bend the straight trunk by hollowing it out, put some wire in the hollowed part and put some raffia on the trunk.

And we bended the trunk.

And i bended the trunk some little more.

And Will Baddeley drawed his beautiful idea out for me.

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