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Progression of a Sylvestris and The Bonsai Academy

Progression of a Sylvestris and The Bonsai Academy
maandag 9 januari 2023

One year ago we got this Pinus sylvestris from Jacek Rostkowski in Poland and made a youtube video of the styling of it. We set the bones for the future.

Around August or september we unwired the tree because the wire started to biting in and this means fixation. Last week it was time ago for a cut back to compact the tree a little more and shari was made to create more movement in the trunk. Many new buds where made in the interior of the sylvestris, needle size was reduced and next spring we can repot the tree in it’s first training pot.

Few pictures of it’s evolution.

I also came in contact with Julius Kuyper a dutch cinomatograph. We started a project called The Bonsai Academy. I noticed people always doubt which techniques you have to do in which month of the year so that’s why this project is born. We are now very busy to create beautiful content for you guys.

Here some examples.

A beautiful itoigawa juniper we compacted, explained how to shape and why and repotted in htis beautiful reiho pot.

Before and after of this Kishu juniper from Japan. A tree that had some issues with it’s health before importing to europe, regained it’s strenght and in need of a not so traditional design that needs more growth in future. This beautiful tree full of character we styled for an issue of @the_bonsai_academy with @juliusk008. Where we will talk about the design idea of this tree. The idea came from a trip with @robertpressler were we visited Big Sur and where I lost my heart seeing the Monterey cipres. As wel ass the junipers that are growing in the wild in Taiwan. Next spring we can think about a pot and after some growth and more mochi komi this Kishu will be a stunner in its size.

And last but not leat this Nothofagus which we styled in a natural style. we made a first branch selection and wired everything out. Now the tree can grow free where it needs more thickness.

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