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Shunka-en restyling a red pine.

Shunka-en restyling a red pine.
dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Also have to say that Kobayashi has 2 european native trees.

Here a few antique chinese pots.

Some just repotted trees, they put blankets on them for light frost.

And a red pine i could work on.

The previous front,

I liked the back of this tree more , better base , good movement.

The only minor thing was the apex going to the back.

the parts we had to bend.

Use a wire around the part to bend.

So i wired the tree and styled the first branch.I knew the bend wasnt enough and styled it to tight.

I thought by styling it close to the movement the movement would be better to see.

made the deadwood a little bigger to accantuate the movement more

And the tree finished, Oyakata was satisfied

A italian took a big Olive and Mugo pine with his suitcase ,unfortunately i don’t have pictures of it.

On the top of the pot were some cracks filled up with gold, have to search the picture.

Before you work on a tree you have to tell your idea to oyakata and he will tell if you may or not and give his advice.

I didn’t like that the base was smaller than the middle of the tree and it had 2 large cutwounds.

So we had to bend the trunk.

So i applied raffia to use as a bandage so the branch doesn’t break that easely.

to prevents it breaks easely.

So oyakata came and said i had to use a rebar and style the tree more like a red pine or sylvestris in nature with hanging branches and the tips slighly going up.

Oyakata said i had to bend the branch even more to the back and place it behind the movement to accentuate the movement.

Wondering how this tree wil evolve in future

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