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Styling of a Nothafagus trailer | The Bonsai Academy

Styling of a Nothafagus trailer | The Bonsai Academy
dinsdag 19 september 2023

Trailer version of our first video of The Bonsai Academy. In this video, we will show you how to style your nothafagus bonsai to create a natural look. We will start by trimming and pruning the branches to create an open canopy that allows light to reach all parts of the tree. Then, we will focus on wiring and shaping the branches to create a realistic and organic shape.

Starting in October, we will be going online!

Follow us on TBA and subscribe to our channel. Every month, we will post two videos showcasing various techniques and behind-the-scenes extras from our growing collection of movies. By following our journey, you will learn the proper techniques and witness our constant improvements in the film-making field. Don’t miss out – tune in and stay connected!

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