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The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination

The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination
maandag 21 januari 2013

So i’ve been back from 3 Months of Japan after a while now.

Before there wasn’t much i understand fully, i may have thought i did.

However as the last year passed in my life, i know that my views were clouded by what i thought i knew.

And for most of us Bonsai-enthousiasts this is also Bonsai.

Cause for most of us it’s a passion and addiction.

We also meet and make new friends and have great conversations and fun with them, help eachother out,enjoy other bonsai,…

These are great important things.

So for me there is no destination in Bonsai, it’s the journey: the new friends you meet , every tree you touch , see evolve and enjoy of it, the places it will take you and the new friends you meet , that makes me happy.

And Peter Warren is one of the persons in europe who i think lives up this way,although he works a little to hard!

But has great passion for Bonsai, great talent, wisdom and technique.

The first one is a Kabudachi(raft style) Bonsai.

It was a short time but i learned so much and not only about Bonsai but also life.

Rather than the experiences and revelations which come to a life consciously lived.

breaking free from all the misconceptions we have and living in the moment,a moment that is rich with all the things we think are missing and in actuality are present in every heartbeat,so close and in our face that most of us miss it.

Like family and friends, have laughs and great moments, passion

Unfortunatly there are always the people who think different but it are things you will see in every convention in Europe.

I always have great laughs with him and learn a lot from him where im really thankfull for.

Anyway… Here are 2 Japanese white Pines i did the first days i was at Shunka-en.

The thing i had to do was use as less wire as possible and every branch can´t have more than 2 wires on it. To make it look as profecional and clean as possible.

2 trunks had to be wired and bend with a guywire to see all the trunks and to follow it’s flow.

there were to many branches in the head and the head was too thick , not easy to place and not in right position so had to cut it.And used a smaller branch to create a better head.

The end-result.

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