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First work of 2012

by | jan 17, 2012 | Yama Bonsai | 0 comments

Here is a Sylvestris pine i collected in 2010 in the South of France.

The trees growed really good so it was time to work on them.

Here is the tree in 2010 just potted.

First we cleaned the tree and made deadwood of the stumps.
The first branch was cut off because the foliage was to far away and we couldn’t use it in the design i wanted.
So made a jin out of it.

Much foliage was to far away so in june i need to do mekiri on this tree(this is a technique to get backbudding,In some time i will show you how to do this).

after we looked for options and we lifted the tree to the front and to the right,to get an interesting movement out of it.

This is the result.

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