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Interesting deadwood technique on a Goyomatsu

by | jan 22, 2013 | Yama Bonsai | 0 comments

Next tree i worked on was this beautiful Goyomatsu.
The bark is nice of this one and it had a beautiful hollow natural shari at the bottom.

At the top it had some shari to , to make this more interesting it was hollowed out with a knobcutter.
But the problem now was that this looked very un-natural.
So i asked how we could solve this problem?

so with kind of grafting knife you follow the lines and you reapeat this many times.

This is the result so far, it looks much better… but to make it work the deadwood still needs time and weather elements to make it more natural.
After the wiring and shaping could begin.
It’s important to have a clean wiretechnique with as less as possible wire on the branch.
Important thing is when you shape branches is to follow the lines.
And here is the end result.
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