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Pinus mugo

by | dec 1, 2011 | Yama Bonsai | 0 comments

Here are some pictures of my student Patrick’s Mugo Pine I styled.

He has some doubts about which way to go with this tree.
Maybe you could set his mind 😀

Here is a picture of the tree as he purchased it.

Here is the trees first styling in 2010.

Patrick wasn’t happy with this styling, so he came to me and we looked how we could take this tree to a level higher.
We changed the angle so we could see beautiful movement but still this beautiful movement was hidden beacause of the foliage.
So we bend the top down with a guywire.

What do you think?
Ofcourse this tree still needs to mature in future.
Sometimes it’s good to wait and cut a branch till you know for sure.

The crown looks a bit heavy on the picture.In real life this isn’t

I like this idea , the tree is in harmony and balance.

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