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Visiting places costumers.

by | feb 21, 2013 | Yama Bonsai | 0 comments

One of the fun things always was also to visit costumers places to work on their trees over there or collect their trees to get them back to health in Shunka-en.
On day we visited a famous Japanese international golfer Jumbo Ozaki.
To care for his private collection at his golf course.
Were i saw my first styled tree at Shunka-en a big japanese black pine, was a pleasure to see this tree was really healthy.
We had to look at the health of the trees, remove weeds , wires and spray fungicide.
After we went back to shunka-en to work, than came some customers, who buyed another tree i styled in february , this Juniper rigida was repotted last spring in a new pot in the desired position, still this tree has to go a long way.
i had to wire a kuromatsu that was just repotted so many foilage needed to be cut , and few wire needed to be used , some branches are made with 2 wires , Oyakata only positioned i little brach more down in the top and said good work. many branches in the head were cut because the head needed to move to the right with the flow of the tree”
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