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Yama Goyomatsu

by | nov 23, 2011 | Yama Bonsai | 0 comments

I want to show you a yamadori White pine of my collection that i styled in may 2008.
The Raw-material.

So I tilted the tree to the front for a better movement and the nebari looked not bad for a pine in this position, plus you can see the start of the lifevein.

After the position was right for me, we could search for the line between dead and life,cleaning the deadwood,remove rotten wood with a iron brush on a proxxon and do some work on the deadwood to make a better movement in the trunk.
And burned the parts i worked on, it would be a shame to burn what nature made.

After the cleaning , the wiring and the styling of the tree could begin.
Some big branches had to be bend and it was only possible with a guywire.
Some branches were so stiff i had to apply some raffia.

So the styling ould begin

The endresult.

In March 2010 i gave the tree a second styling and repotted it.

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