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Next one a satsuki i had to give its second styling.
These satsuki were araki-material, branches were cut and after the trees transplanted in february when i was at shunka-en for 2 weeks.


Branches had to be shaped like, how can i explain…
if you put your hand flat on table and you lift your knockles up and between your hand and table is hollow.
that kind of shape.


This big branch was removed because it distracted the trunkline.


this branch was too straight and was cut to see more movement in the branch what makes the tree look older.

these 2 branches were removed because they came to close to the front , so to add more depth and for flow of the tree and second right branch.

Here is the monthly satsuki magazine of Japan.
Where we did last year february a picture demonstration for.
It was a pleasure to see this magazine and the tree back.
This time it was on a really fat satsuki.

Satsuki who are grown in field you can bareroot them only once when you put them in pot.
And clean the nebari very carefull.

Here is the tree as it developed in a few months.
Satsuki are often used for Bonsai because of their fast development.

This is some towel with spagnum moss on it , to keep it moist and for a good healing process.

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